Erickson is a modern artist working in multiple disciplines to create micro-environments using found objects, primarily glass, to transform the viewer's relationship with every piece.

Erickson’s approach is about giving new life to each object; a notion of preservation and sustainability that encourages continued awareness of our consumer habits.  

 Through decades of work in the apparel industry Erickson cultivated a unique style of design. From his first retail job in his late teens, to brand management, the long arc of Erickson's development was influenced by fashion, trade, design, and his own personal cultural interests.

Erickson has since owned and designed several clothing brands, opened a retail store, and worked with numerous apparel companies to form solid branding partnerships and collaborations.The experience he gained as a designer has informed his unique approach to art by allowing him to use the same sensibilities and techniques he learned in fashion has been applied to his current work.

Erickson’s style of art tends toward bold graphic designs with high texture in fine detail. An expression of abstract minimalism where several elements like glass, metal, paint and fiber form these small, complex sculptures.In 2015

Erickson started a media company What Now NYC to explore the intersection of media and technology. What Now is an on-going discussion with key creative artists to observe and explore the social landscape of the present moment. Erickson launched his documentary series in 2016 as director and producer. The pilot episode centered around the conversation of Gender Neutrality.Erickson continues to grow as an artist while expanding his art portfolio both personally and commercially.Erickson currently splits his time living in the Hudson Valley, upstate NY  and Brooklyn, NYC.